Who Am I?

Hi, I am Dua. I am an ESL teacher, federally accredited interpreter , and an RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. How did I get here? Here’s my story. I was born and raised in Egypt. I then immigrated to the Gulf Region where I lived and worked for years as an English language and history teacher. Teaching students of different age groups and a variety of cultural backgrounds, enriched my view of life. Upon moving to Canada as a single mother of four, I faced a lot of challenges that taught me a lot about myself.

As a child, I’ve always felt different. I felt lonely. I didn’t feel I could fit neither at home nor at school. I was bullied. I didn’t feel heard or seen as a child. All that deeply affected the choices I made in life. Life threw at me people, situations and events that triggered me to heal the childhood wounds. I found RTT when I started my healing journey, and it was the thing I needed most. RTT provided me with profound, fast track, practical tools that helped access my subconscious and freed me of the limiting beliefs blocking me from achieving what I have always known deep in my heart that I am worthy of.

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The knowledge I gained helped me rediscover myself in ways I could have never expected or even imagined. And now I believe I am at a point in my journey where I can lend a hand to others and help them free themselves from themselves and rediscover who they truly are. If it worked for me, then it sure will work for you. So, take a leap of faith with me and let’s dive into your subconscious and free you from YOURSELF forever.

My Mission


To add value to my clients lives, by empowering them and helping them free themselves from the limiting beliefs and remove the blocks in their subconscious preventing them from becoming who they truly are, receiving their good, and living the life they have always wanted for themselves.

My Vision

Before I leave this planet, I want to add to the values of authentic freedom , empowerment, and peace by helping others find out their true identity and guiding them to realize what they are capable of