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What the Dark Brings in You

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a photo of this beautiful creature. It’s scientific name is Wonderpus Photogenicus. I am not surprised part of its name is close to the French word “photogenique” which means attractive in photographs because it really looks beautiful.

This creature doesn’t seem afraid of the dark. In fact, the dark lights it up and brings about beauty in it.

It made me think about what the dark brings in us. We all pass through dark times in our lives. Times when things are not going the way we wish them to be. It can be a difficult situation we are going through or a childhood trauma that made our life difficult and caused us to self-sabotage or made us hate our body and accumulate excess weight through the years or caused us an addiction of some type.

There is a verse of poetry from my culture that goes,

“We are the rubies,

Our core has gone through the fire,

Yet our value has never been lessened,”

In fact, I would say that fire increases the value of rubies and all other precious stones as the purpose of them going through fire is to purify them and remove the non-precious elements attached to them. And that is exactly what happens to us when we go through a difficult situation. Such situations challenge us to confront our fears, to go deeper and find what beliefs and emotions don’t serve us, and just let go of them. just like precious stones when put on fire.

However, if we let a difficult situation break us, then we didn’t understand the purpose of it, we didn’t get the lesson, and guess what happens when we don’t get the lesson, it’s repeated again and again and again until we get it. Because life is a great teacher, and it never stops until we get the lesson.

One might ask, “Are you telling me I am not precious if I let a bad situation break me.”

No, that’s not what I am saying. If you let it break you, then maybe you were programmed to believe you are not worth it. That in itself is one of the major things you have to heal because you can’t go on in life believing you’re worthless. This belief in itself will make you attract people, situations, and events that confirm it even more.

So, whenever you are going through a tough time in your life, ask yourself some questions, like:

What does the dark bring out in me?

What is it trying to teach me?

How can I take advantage of it so I can come out the other side shining even more?

Just like that creature, we can’t control the dark, but we can control what to make out of it and we can decide to thrive in it.

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