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Feeling Grateful

California, USA
Fear of Social Media

" I saw an opportunity to connect with Dua, to have more awareness around feeling valuable and how this relates to my relationship in business and making money. I had immediate results after the session. 

My performance on my job was supercharged!  I am more aware, productive and present.  My colleagues remarked too.

I spoke up in public group meetings with 50 or more people, where I had been suppressed and fearful before.  I also am no longer procrastinating on updating my resume, LinkedIn profile, and working on my portfolio.  I was in action immediately with a renewed sense of hope, inspiration and well-being.

I like the way in which Dua, and I went back together to particular scenes/memories and were able to recreate them so that I could be empowered going forward.  I also loved the personalized recording that she gave me afterwards that authentically connected me to transforming my past.

I grew my confidence and love for myself.  I began leveling up my leadership immediately by making bold requests with my colleagues and speaking up and sharing, where before I had been suppressed and fearful.  I see that I am much more connected to valuing myself at work, and in creating my new career.  There is less fear and apprehension."


California, USA

Career Issues

Doaa is empathetic, kind and supportive. She has a fervent passion for what she does and towards dealing with clients. 

I  reached out to her with an issue of a strong dislike for numbers. During the session, she patiently guided me to understand why there's  a huge disconnect and why those behaviors and patterns kept me in a cycle of frustrating events throughout my life. I felt that for the first time in my life, I understood now the missing piece in a puzzle which was the energy and it has changed the way I felt towards numbers.

With her recording, it gave me an incredible feeling of lightness and delight. There was no more sense of dislike towards numbers.  I felt energized, relaxed and revitalized.  The recording weaved a space of  blissful feeling that motivates me to enjoy this new release of energy and how it can empower my life to be the best that I can be every single day.

I highly recommend Dua with my utmost sincerity if you want to experience this kind of revitalizing energy with her professionalism in guiding clients through their journey in life and finally freeing them  from self- imposed  limitations and leading a fantastic phenomenal life.



Fear of Numbers

Doha, Qatar
Birthing Issues

I took a session with Dua for weight management. I really felt comfortable discussing my concerns around weight issues, and she was very patient and active listener. She showed a lot of interest and made sure she found the root cause of the limiting beliefs I was holding onto.

Immediately after the session, I felt a shift and have been experiencing subtle changes in my lifestyle without having to force myself. That is a big win for me as any diet I would adopt earlier would make me feel miserable. I highly recommend her if you have been dealing with any weight management issues!!!

Navneeta S


Weight Loss

I reached out to Dua as I had a major fear of putting myself on social media…and desperately needed the confidence. At that stage, I was thinking of changing my career path and needed social media to ensure success in my new chosen path. I had tried many other support channels, but nothing seemed to work. You can imagine, how stressful and doubtful I was if anything else will work for me.

Dua is a phenomenal therapist who was able to identify the root cause of my fear of putting myself on social media- not only is Dua highly skilled, but she also has immense compassion that helped me reach an unprecedented level of depth and understanding of my most inner beliefs and fears.

From a session with Dua, I was able to face my ‘demons’ and conquer my fear of social media. Dua is incredibly knowledgeable in her practice, and it reflected in the work she’s done with me. The results are amazing! If anyone wants fast and lasting results, I wholeheartedly recommend Dua.


Muscat, Oman

Fear of Social Media

I suffered from hair loss. I went to several doctors, but all the solutions they gave me were pretty useless. So, I lost hope until I was introduced to RTT. Back then I didn't know what it was so I was very hesitant and skeptical that I can see any change or positive results. I didn’t understand how hair loss can be due to something emotional. However, after my session I was in complete awe on how things are connected and how past traumas can be hindering me from achieving what I want and getting what I deserve. The solution is simple. It is just that my negative experiences made me believe that it is complicated.

What I loved the most was that Dua was extremely patient which is rare to find. She knew how to make me open up easily and guided me throughout my session. She helped me face my traumas gently and gave me strength to overcome them. I never thought or believed in a million years that I could get over them. I felt completely safe throughout the session.

Right after finishing the session with Dua, I felt so great and full of energy. A huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Right after completing the session, change in my hair was evident to the point that others started noticing the difference too. My hair became fuller, healthier, and more defined. I became more confident that I can change anything if I put my mind into it.  I don’t think words can suffice what Dua did to help me overcome my hair loss problem. I am extremely grateful.


Cairo, Egypt

Hair Loss

I approached Dua for a session on procrastination. I was continuously putting off my studies and wasting time. The session went very smoothly. Dua helped me understand the belief that held me back and pushed me to keep procrastinating. Duaa was very patient and guided me throughout the session. The transformation recording was great, it allowed all new beliefs to be embedded so the transformation continues after the session. I am now more focused on my studies and stick to my learning schedule.


Quebec, Canada


I am so grateful to have worked with Dua! My presenting issue was Codependency. She took the time to listen greatly in our Discovery Call. The initial questions helped me identify my past experiences, as well as begin to formulate positive thoughts around outcomes.

During the actual session, her calm tone and accepting energy allowed me to feel safe enough to uncover old patterns and apply powerful healing. That session, paired with the follow-up audio, really has strengthened my new direction and self-confidence. My internal conversation has changed dramatically and brought a new sense of wholeness.

Thank you, Dua, for your talent and support!


Nevada, USA

Co-Dependency Issues

"I went to Dua for anxiety. Anxiety was making my life hard for me to cope with doing my daily chores and living my best life. Dua was very caring and understanding with her approach to my issue and I felt that I was in good hands. She put me at ease from the first conversation we had. Within a week or two of my session with Dua, I was beginning to see small changes which have grown to be big changes as time has passed. 


After listening to my audio for 21 days I felt that I had a new understanding of my issue and could see light at the end of the tunnel. My session with Dua has changed my life as I now understand the root cause of my issue and I feel that dealing with the root cause has significantly reduced my anxiety.I would highly recommend Dua as an RTT practitioner as she is professional, caring and very good at her job."